Another letter that melt my heart …

How can I not love what I do?!

Jennifer K. gave me an unforgettable experience working with her that morning of her wedding. It was one of the best working days of my career. She just so real, so sweet and caring, trusting and above all, a very happy bride! She was a dream to work with! And we’ve never met for a trial. We communicated via email only since she was from New York.


Hi Aimee,
Although I don’t have Yelp, I nonetheless wanted to thank you so very much for all that you’ve done for me and my bridal party.  Please feel free to post the below message as well as the attached picture on your website…
Aimee, I cannot thank you enough for making me and my entire bridal party look so stunning.  Everyone kept commenting on how great we all looked, but the best part was that we all still looked like ourselves.  As my matron of honor put it, I still looked like me, but a more flawless and elegant me.  It takes a great talent (one that you unquestionably have) to be able to highlight the person with makeup and not have them disappear underneath layers of it. 
I also wanted to express my immense thanks and gratitude to you for being so incredibly patient with my mom and catering to her comments.  I have never seen my mom look so beautiful and she was just so happy the entire night.  I’ve enclosed a picture of us from the photobooth at the wedding.  Mom looks about 45 there even though she is 65.  Your talents are truly amazing and we were all so lucky to have had you as our makeup artist.
Kind regards,
Here’s a few of my iPhone shots… totally unflattering due to bad lighting and such, but I hope these show you how happy Jennifer & her mom looked:)
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Clarice & Hubert wedding featured on Style Me Pretty

Clarice’s wedding was so beautiful, romantic and unique in many ways. I love Clarice’s taste for design and all things beauty! I also love her quiet elegance & charm.  As I’m not a great writer myself, I’d borrow Nancy Liu Chin‘s words, “In all the details, the elegance and reserved beauty that exemplified Clarice the bride’s personal style came through …  These two [Clarice & Hubert] have been through a lot together and their journey as individuals and as a couple were reflected in many ways details…” 

It was a a great pleasure to work with Clarice from the day she first emailed me, then the trial, and the wedding day! Though now she has moved to Singapore, we’d still keep in touch and looking forward to maybe some day meet again and enjoy great food in Singpore …  or Vietnam … since Clarice loves to visit Vietnam and she has a thing for our vietnamese sandwich (banh mi), spring rolls, bun bo hue and rambutan (my favorite tropical fruit!)

Here’s the link to the full post on Style Me Pretty:

And it’s also featured on EAD (Elizabeth and Designs) as well:


Photography: This Modern Romance

Floral and Event Planner: Nancy Liu Chin 

Venue + Day of Coordination: dination: Viansa Winery

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Tramy and Albert wedding _ Casa Real, Pleasanton

It was great to work with Ricky Wong for Tramy’s wedding last April. It’s glam glam glam! I’ve blogged about our trial (click here) before and here’s how the trial look became “reality”. I did use hair extension to make her hair fuller and longer for her wedding day. Tramy looks so gorgeous and she was smiling all day … so was her groom:)

Photos by Ricky Wong:

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A beautiful 15-year vow-renewal ceremony

This was one of the most special and memorable weddings I’ve ever done. The bride’s youngest child was the ring boy, her youngest daughter was the flower girl, and the maid of honor was her oldest daughter. And the man who’s still so in love with her was the man she chose to marry 15 years ago.  And yet she looks like a twenty-year-old with a smile that can brighten up the whole room. As her photographer has put it, “What a better way to celebrate 15 amazing years of marriage than to do it all over again!”

Click here to see my previous post about our trial. But for now, let’s enjoy some beautiful photos from photographer Brian MacStay:

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Boudoir shoot: hypnotizing beauty

Katya has the one of the most perfect pouty lips, amazing blue eyes and a great body … But truly I don’t think it’s just those physical qualities that would make a woman sexy and alluring. There’s more to it than that. It’s about how in touch you are with your own body, how you feel about yourself, and your willingness to communicate those feelings with the camera for a shoot like this… the ability to let go and just be …

Katya came with black mascara on but otherwise no makeup on her face. She told me she often wore a little bit of makeup when she goes out, only because without makeup, people would say she looked like a kid.  So, I knew that I wouldn’t need to make her look any younger. In fact, her model-like face and dreamy eyes (or may I say sleepy?) demand some smoky-ness. After reviewing some looks together, she set on a strong smoky look which we got from a magazine, so that it would go with both of her outfits.

Unlike my usual softer smoky eyes for brides, this smoky eyes is over the top and I love it. I smudged strong black pencil liners all over Katya’s lids, around her eyes and later added silver & different tones of cool and warm grays to blend & create depth. For the skin, I carefully cover the under eye circles with concealer first, then lightly spray airbrush all over face for a smooth finish and just cover some minor redness on the cheeks. Lastly, to finish the look, I chose a warm nude for her lips. Katya was so excited and happy when seeing herself in the mirror. She kept telling me she had never thought her eyes could look like that…:)

I love beautifying a woman for Boudoir! It’s sexy. It’s empowering. It’s creative.  We women should all at least have it done once in our lifetime.

Here are some very beautiful photos captured by Leo, a young and aspiring photographer:

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