Engagement Photoshoot Makeup & Hair | San Francisco locations

Below are some examples of the styles I’ve done for Engagement hair & makeup in the past. I’ll do my best to go back and look for more Engagement shoot examples to share.

In general, I think a camera-ready yet natural or a soft glam makeup is best. In terms of choosing a hairstyle, all down in waves, with some braiding element is great if you shoot somewhere not so windy. San Francisco weather can be very unpredictable, shifting from clear sky & warm to overcast & windy quicly. If you decide to shoot at the beach, it’s best to wear your hair in a low bun, a pony, or half-up at least. The wind/humidity can flatten your waves or frizz up your hair really quickly. If a low pony or high pony would look good with your outfit, I’d highly suggest choosing this option, because it’s stylish without being too formal & is guaranteed to stay in place.

I was a bride 6 years ago, and I love our Engagement shoot so much! Of course the wedding day photos are unmatched, but it’s still the “bride” and “groom” version of you two, quite formal. However, the engagement shoot is casual, intimate, fun & romantic. Think about it, it’s the time you just got engaged not too long ago and you’re in love & excited. There’s no stress about the wedding planning yet. It truly is the best time to have your love captured!