Megan + Allan wedding | Holman Ranch Carmel Valley

Helping Megan looking and feeling beautiful that day was my greatest joy as a makeup artist. My team and I came early to Carmel to get her and her squad ready for this big day. I enjoyed working with this beautiful nutritionist very much. She planned her own destination wedding so it wasn’t easy on her when getting close to the day. I remember she got emotional a few times during our makeup and hair session. I guess it’s very common that most brides would feel all kinds of emotions and sitting in the makeup chair worrying about a million things. So, a few things I’ve learned a makeup artist over the years for myself. I hope it’s okay to share with you a few things.

(1) Hire a planner!!! If your budget allows, get a full planner, meaning she’ll take care of the styling and aesthetics of things, plus the logistics of most things. You’ll still have a lot of decisions to make even when you have a full planner. She can do research for you and give you a list of choices for wedding venues/photographers/cake/florists, yet, you’ll still need to spend time looking into all the suggested options and make your own decision. If you’re a great planner by nature and have successfully planned big events before, by all means be your own planner to save this cost, but at least get a month-of coordinator. You can start off being amazing planning it when it’s months away, but as it gets closer to the wedding day, there are a tons of other unexpected things you need to do. Plus, life happens: changing job, moving, travel for work last minute, etc. Have a reliable planner to come in & being in touch with all vendors and help guiding you moving forward with the big picture in mind would be extremely helpful.

(2) Have your besties or anyone who’s most positive and helpful be there with you on the day of, and you make sure they know why you need them, whether they’re in the bridal party or not. Surround yourself with the most positive people that morning!

(3) Forgive me to be honest, but I always wish that my brides give us the best working situation possible. What do I mean by that? Best situation happens when I have a bride who mindfully save the time for hair & makeup and not doing anything else while sitting for me to work on, including not checking her phone and replying to messages constantly, not chatting a lot as I’m trying to get her eyeliners or brows even,  and not running away to tidy up some last minute tasks, that’s a WIN for me. Seriously, I’m going to be honest here and let you know that I know my work looks much better when my client sits relatively still for me, especially when I’m working on the eyes! I can’t tell you how many times my clients keep turning and moving her eyes/lips… and it was a always silent struggle for me.

In short, your wedding is such a big event in your life, hire the best professionals for your day and surround yourself with the best people. Your smile is your most beautiful accessory that day!

I was happy seeing that Megan’s hair and makeup was still holding up very well into the night!

More photos from this wedding:

Photography Audrey Norman | Makeup + Hair Aimee & Team |