Michelle’s wedding | Radiant and Natural | SF City Hall

Love working with the talented Allen Tsai for Michelle’s wedding! I met Allen just a few weeks after my wedding last year in Italy. Yep, we are both from the U.S, but it took one long international flight to meet up and collaborated for a gorgeous photoshoot in Tuscany. Anyways, to keep it short, Allen is one of the best photographers I’ve ever worked with. He does some kinds of magic with his lighting. I’ve seen him transforming harsh summer lighting or spaces with not enough light to airy, romantic, luminous lighting in the photos afterwards. I can’t figure out how he can achieve that luminous quality of the light, attractive soft tone for the skin, yet not losing any sharpness in the details… Amazing! I’m not a photographer so I don’t even know how to word my feeling correctly, but you get the idea!

For this session, Michelle wanted a truly natural makeup look. She said, “the most natural possible!” I did what she asked for and was so worry that a super understated makeup like that will not transfer well into photos, especially for fine art film photography. When working with film photographers, I always have to do a little more for the makeup or at least using longer/fuller lashes for it to show up in pictures. To my surprise, the makeup showed up so well in Allen’s work and Allen made the couple look fantastic.

Really hope to work with him more in the future. He’s from Dallas by the way. Any future brides want to fly him over?

Photography Allen Tsai | Florist BoughandTwig | Hair & Makeup Aimee