Jenny Soi Photography | Branding Photoshoot | Minimal – Chic – Feminine

I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of Jenny’s beautiful work throughout my website here, many ethereal, romantic, fine art style images. She’s an industry friend I adore and admire. We’ve done quite a number of editorial shoots and projects together. In the last 3-4 years, I’ve seen her art and her business keep on growing and she deserved all of that steady success and more. She has an eye for simplicity and beauty and there’s always this calm and positive energy about her when she enters the space.

So, why this shoot and is it really that important to have professional hair and makeup for a branding shoot? Absolutely! Good branding is so important these days and for small business owners like us, where our website, Instagram, Pinterest page is acting as our storefront virtually, showing our face and write a little more about the person behind the brand is a great way to connect with the audience. People want relate and know more about a brand beyond just the products it is offering.

I love this branding, fashion-inspired portrait shoot Huong did for Jenny. Do you think this captured what I described of her at the beginning? To me, it does all of that, and this is really her style: minimalist, chic, femme and spontaneity! See Jenny’s work on her website |

Photographer: Huong Takeba | Makeup + Hair: Aimee Lam @aimeeartistry