Elegant Makeup & Wavy Updo for Stephanie

Stephanie locked the date with me way ahead of time, and being so sweet and lovable on both the trial & the wedding day. Admired a makeup I did for her friend before, she asked for the same look: smoky eyes, but it turned out that a defined and elegant look would work much better on her compared to smoky.

So on the day of, I spent a great deal of time on her skin to make sure it looks nice & a little bit dewy. Then, for the eyes, I carefully draw her eyeliners to get to a perfect thickness and length & chose a pair of full & long false lashes for her. And that helped her eyes photographed beautifully, not too natural and not too made-up. I then chose natural blush color, add a little highlight for her upper cheeks, and finish off with a pinkish mauve color for her lips.

Just looking at her photos below I’m sure you can tell what a great planner she was. Steph is an eye doctor, but she has the artistic touch of a fine art major. She sew her bridesmaids’ dresses, put together her hair flower (using her grandma’s pearl button in the center of the flower – as for “something old”), and designed the thank-you cards for all her vendors, and many many more little wonderful DIY touches.

And the best part was… she hired such a great photographer, Adrienne Gunde. She flew Adrienne up from Los Angeles and I’m so glad I got to work with such a talented photographer.  Totally in love with what Adrienne did for Stephanie’s wedding …


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