pretty mom-to-be _ makeup for maternity shoot

Every woman knows that there’s a connection between looking good and feeling good. Doesn’t matter how old you are or what kind of work you do, married or single, pregnant or not, we women feel good when we look good. Aren’t we?  :)  And when we look good, we can’t hide that sparkle in the eyes and it just makes the world a much happier place.  And who’s to say that a pregnant woman doesn’t need to look good?

Sophia, who’s in her 32nd weeks of pregnancy, booked me for a Maternity shoot’s hair & makeup about a month before her date with photographer Leo Patrone. She wanted to look good and camera-ready for her Maternity session. Prior to the session, Sophia did send me 3 photos of her: 1 photo without makeup, 1 photo with her own makeup, and 1 smokey eyes makeup someone else had done for her (see photo below) which she liked. She told me she loves smoky eyes.

So, on the day of, she arrived at the studio and instantly I was thinking, “what a pretty mom-to-be!” I asked her what she wanted for her hair, she said “just some loose curls and all down”. So, we got started right away to not waste any time. I had to curl her hair a little tighter than I wanted, because since her shoot will be outdoor in Santa Cruz, I was worry that her fine hair will go flat in no time.

Sophia has good skin to begin with and a small face. I love how with just a little tiny bit of shaping, her face takes on definition and looking so good for the camera. She has a face that can take makeup really well. Great canvas! I love her bone structure.

Here are some very quick before/after snapshots I took of her … I have to confess that after I took these photos, I added more blush on her cheeks, because though the blush was very pretty & visible in person, it didn’t really show up in pictures. So, we did perfected the look a little bit after these few shots…

Thanks Sophia for letting me showcase your photos! I truly appreciate it!


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