Featured Trial: A glam look for Tramy

My goal as a makeup artist is make you look and feel like the most beautiful “you”,  whether you wish for a natural glow or a star-like glamour transformation. I’ll try my best to make it happen.  And if there’s something beyond my ability, I’ll tell you that too!  And my wish is that when I’m finished, you’ll look in the mirror and keep smiling, feeling happy and confident about yourself.

With Tramy’s trial, she allowed me to go all out, all glam up. Her only request was: “Make me look beautiful!” I was so thrilled. And honestly she was already beautiful to begin with. I do love to do a natural look, but it’s great to let my creativity runs a little wild this time with a more glammed-up bride. It’s exciting!

As for her hair, Tramy actually asked me for a side bun/chignon, but I told her that for her face shape, it’ll make her look more “mature” and will add more thickness to the width of her face and cheek area, which was something she obviously wanted to avoid of in the very first place. She was a little doubtful with my suggestion for a side-pony at first, but I reassured her, “Let’s try this first, if you’re not happy, we’ll put it up in a side bun.” And guess what, she loved this hair style because it really enhanced her face & features. The only thing we would do differently is that we’ll add extensions to this hairstyle, and she’ll have more volume for the waves.

So here are a few shots from our trial. I totally enjoyed dolling Tramy up. She’s going to be a gorgeous bride!


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Best catwalk models of the year – Fashion TV Magazine

One of the highlights of my recent work in Asia was this fashion shoot with the voted 2 best catwalk models of the year in Vietnam: Hoang Thuy & Le Thuy. And the photographer, An Le, was an amazing fashion photographer whom flew in just the night before from New York to do the shoot at 9am in the morning. We had a big team, me for hair & makeup, 2 stylists from Fashion TV Magazine, 1 videographer, An Le and his 2-3 assistants. The shoot was long and it was hard work, but it was amazing because I was able to work with such an amazing team.

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This warms my heart – from Michelle

One morning I wake up & find Michelle’s “belated thank you” in my Inbox. And I can’t help going through the day not feeling like a million buck. I’m happy knowing how happy Michelle was and how perfect her wedding day went …  It’s one of the biggest reasons why I chose to be in this profession full-time. Working with models for fashion shoots is great as it feeds my creative hunger and passion for art, however, working with brides brings me a much deeper sense of fulfillment. It’s more than just a job.
Michelle wrote:
“Hi Aimee,
Happy New Year! I hope that you have been well and that 2013 is off to a good start for you. My apologies for the delay in writing to you since I last saw you on the morning of my wedding in October. The past three months since our wedding have really flown by!
I wanted to thank you for doing such an amazing job with my wedding hair and make-up, as well as with my sister’s hair and mother’s hair, on the day of my wedding.Our wedding day went as perfectly as we could imagine; it felt very special to be surrounded by so many of our family and friends for a day of celebration. I got so many compliments on my appearance, and I have your talent and hard work to thank for that!  I think my family and friends were really impressed to see how glamorous I could look;)We were also very happy with how our photographs turned out, and we will treasure them for years to come.
By making me feel good and look good on my wedding day, you were a huge part of making my wedding a wonderful experience, even though I only saw you in the morning! Here is a link to a few wedding photographs. I also included a photo of me with my hair down in case you want to show your clients how short their hair can be and still make for a glamorous up-do!
Thank you again for everything. I hope we’ll cross paths again!
Warm wishes,



Just like many other clients, Michelle booked me before the trial. So, over emails, Michelle said she thinks that a natural look would work best for her personality. When she does wear makeup, it’ll be just  lipstick and powder.  She’s a very fit, down-to-earth, energetic woman who loves the outdoors. She said though she does love some of the smoky looks I’ve done for my past clients, she was worry smoky wouldn’t work for her…

At the trial, I convinced her that a semi-natural smoky eyes would work just great, glam but not looking too made-up and will be good enough for photos. And it would also go just fine with her whole look & personality. She smiled and said “okay”.  Knowing she’s not crazy for pink (wink), I gave her bronzy cheeks for a healthy glow and a dark mauve lipstick instead of pink or peach color. She loved the eyes, lip color, how her skin looks and everything… but one thing I couldn’t get her to wear was … false lashes. Oh no!!! … There’s a joke for us makeup artists that if there’s no time left to do anything to the eyes, at least pop a pair of lashes on. It’s an instant wow, especially for pictures. So, imagine how heartbroken I was when Michelle rejected the falsies effect…:)

On her wedding day, I felt like a good friend of the family, so welcomed. They were all so kind and fun to work with. It was just amazing. Michelle seemed quite relax, and very happy. She kept smiling. When she wasn’t sitting for me, she was in the kitchen chatting away with her mom, brother and sister. Beautifying her was so easy!  As for the hair, hers was very short, and not a lot for volume either. But, I managed to making it looks like a low updo for her, no extension, no fake hair.

Here are some photos of my wonderful bride. Please note: no false lashes! Just mascara:)

Congratulations Michelle! Wishing you & Josh a lifetime of love and happiness!

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Jen and Lamar wedding – Hotel Nikko, San Francisco

Jen was another great bride to work with and I admired everything that she had chosen. She got the perfect dress, beautiful silk flower for her hair, and a pair of gorgeous earrings that helped tie the whole look together. Great choices!

Her dress was just so breathtakingly gorgeous, an understated glamour, truly. These photos may not do it justice. The moment I saw her dress that morning, I thought ” It’s so beautiful and it’s just so Jen- so perfect.”  It wasn’t only flattering her shape but also reflecting her natural beauty and elegant essence.

I took pride in making her skin look dewy and flawless, suitable for a September wedding. At first glance, Jen’s skin may seem nice, but it was actually quite dry to the touch plus a bit puffy since she had to wake up at 5am. Dry skin could fool a makeup artist because it’d usually appear really nice & ready to work on by the look, no large pores or break-out problem. But if you weren’t careful, using the wrong kind of products to prep or even just a tad over done with foundation & powder, you’d end up with cakey-ness and lines later. So, that morning I patiently buffed the hydrating moisturizer in, waited a little, then carefully airbrushing her foundation on top. The rest of the makeup was meant to be a light smoky eyes with double-lashes and a soft glossy pink lip color, and voila…

Overall, the glam factor was in her eye makeup & her updo, and the rest was kept simple and effortless … Beautiful, unique, understated! It was a great experience working with Jen.

All photos by Jay Tsai Photography

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Jennifer & J Wedding – St. Regis San Francisco

I love working with people and I remember faces really well. Faces fascinate me, especially the eyes and the smile. You can’t have a bad photo when you put on your brightest smile. And Jennifer not only has a bright smile, but it’s also very sweet and unique that you can’t help but smile back at her. And her wedding was just as beautiful.

Jen & I met about 5 weeks before her wedding day to try out the look after she already saved the date a few months before. At our trial, I asked Jen what would be her desired style for hair & makeup… She said, “I don’t normally wear makeup so I don’t want to look too made-up” and here’s the challenge part, “but I want to look glam & beautiful for my wedding day, but still me” (smile) …

I knew that smoky eyes will suit her eye shape best but in browns & neutral tones, not black, because anything too strong will overshadow her delicate features & that sweet smile. So, I started off with a more natural approach, then slowly add on colors for the eyes until we got to intensity that she was happy & comfortable with. Again, note that in photos, your makeup will show up a lot less than in person. So, it’s really a fine line there.

On Jen’s wedding day, I did her eye makeup a little stronger (than trial version) for 2 reasons:  (1) it has to last much longer and withstand a lot of activities throughout the wedding day, and (2) I’ve worked with Wayne and Angela a few times before so I’m familiar with their style and post processing style in a way. Jen did noticed & asked me about it. She was a bit nervous. But I reassured her that it was meant to be and once she puts her dress on, she would realize it would be just right & not too much. If I had done it any lighter, her wedding photos won’t turn out as nice.

Here are her beautiful pictures, photographed by the amazing husband-wife team photographers, Wayne & Angela

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