Natural smoky vs. Glam Smoky

In my last post, I talked about how I’m being loved for smoky eye style and it’s 1 my favorite styles to do as well.

In this post, I’m going to show you different versions of smoky eye makeup: the soft smoky and the glamorous smoky. Smoky eyes can be done in many different ways and go together with nude lipstick or brighter lipstick, contoured cheeks or soft rosy cheeks… There’s no rules really. The only rule is your taste and what you feel most beautiful in.

In my opinion, the soft smoky look would work great for brides, and though it’s called “smoky”, it doesn’t have look dark & dramatic. The brown & black version would work great for anyone, look quite natural, and photographed well. If you have fair skin and light brown/hazel eyes (like the model here), you can easily wear smoky with a touch of purple blended in to make your eyes pop. In the last 4 photos, you’ll noticed I used metal grays & lavender/purple-ish colors in place of typical earthy tones.

Smoky eye makeup can be tweaked appropriately to suit different eye-shapes. I’m not saying it would work great for just anyone, because some faces would be best going with natural or elegant look, but it worked amazingly well for a lot of my clients.  This is nowhere close to the Korean youthful barely there makeup nor the Taiwanese sweet & lovely appearance, it adds more attractiveness and glamour to the look. If you’re into modern styling or favor a more Westernized look, smoky eyes would be perfect for you!

Credits: Photos by Randy Basso (outdoor images) and Steve Smith (in studio). Model: Lisa Ryland.


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