Makeover: a moderate glam up smoky eyes for Trish

Trish has a very cool, easy-going personality and it’s just simply fun to be around her. Love this girl!  She’s a nurse working in LA (though she was originally from the Bay Area) so she tried to squeeze in her appointments with vendors each trip back to the Bay. This time, she scheduled a trial with me plus planning an E-session after with Tyler Vu, a pretty known photographer in the area.

Trish doesn’t wear a lot of makeup daily, but she told her she wouldn’t mind wearing more for her wedding. A moderate glam-up look would be something she’s after. So, for makeup, I gave her brown smoky eyes, face contouring, thicken her brows a little to match with the rest of her features, and natural lip color for her very cute full lips. Good contouring work is key here and so for the hair.

I gave her wavy curls with lots of volume (a lot of teasing!) to frame her face. I had to do her hair a little bit more curly at the beginning because I know her fine hair wouldn’t hold curls very well and San Francisco winds will knock all those curls off in 30m. Because this was a trial so I just tried my best to work with what I have, but I told Trish we’d need hair extensions on her day-of -which she’ll provide me. With hair extensions, I will make this look many times better. She’ll rock a volumous wavy curls and all down hair style with 2 sides pin back like this to frame her face… Can’t wait until I see her again this August!

I forgot my memory card so I couldn’t use my Canon DSLR camera for Trish. Photos below were taken using my 4S iPhone:

And here are some shots Tyler took for Trish and Phoenix that day (

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