Marian & Marco Wedding – Casa Real Winery

A unique smile! That’s the one thing that first comes to mind every time I think of Marian and I’m telling you that happy smile is contagious:)She’s so lucky to be able to smile all-the-way or even laughing hard and still look so cute … Some of us have a nice smile, but we can hardly look good when smile so big or laughing with our teeth shown (mmm… definitely not me!), but Marian does!

I’ve learned from our trial that her face actually wouldn’t fit carrying much makeup and it also wasn’t her intention either. She was opted for something natural. Some of us have a face that the more makeup you put on, the more “wow” the effect (as models, for examples)… and some of us have a face that’s of the opposite – less is more. A makeup artist’s job is to recognize that limitation and to enhance only where it’s needed. So, how to highlight Marian’s unique smile? A flawless foundation finish with just enough glow (not too shimmery and not too matte), a soft all-over lavender eyeshadow, thin liner with natural lashes and the best part was to let the hair frame her face. She looks gorgeous with that hairstyle and the two flowers completed the look with a perfect softness and elegance.

The best part about working with Marian was that she took care of me!:)She emailed me after the wedding and made sure her photographer would send some photos for my portfolio. And her photographer, Lili Durkin was amazing too. She wasn’t just giving me some photos, she gave me all the best shots from Marian’s wedding day and even created a Hair & Makeup folder separately for me.  Thank you Lili for your generosity!



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