Featured Trial: A glam look for Tramy

My goal as a makeup artist is make you look and feel like the most beautiful “you”,  whether you wish for a natural glow or a star-like glamour transformation. I’ll try my best to make it happen.  And if there’s something beyond my ability, I’ll tell you that too!  And my wish is that when I’m finished, you’ll look in the mirror and keep smiling, feeling happy and confident about yourself.

With Tramy’s trial, she allowed me to go all out, all glam up. Her only request was: “Make me look beautiful!” I was so thrilled. And honestly she was already beautiful to begin with. I do love to do a natural look, but it’s great to let my creativity runs a little wild this time with a more glammed-up bride. It’s exciting!

As for her hair, Tramy actually asked me for a side bun/chignon, but I told her that for her face shape, it’ll make her look more “mature” and will add more thickness to the width of her face and cheek area, which was something she obviously wanted to avoid of in the very first place. She was a little doubtful with my suggestion for a side-pony at first, but I reassured her, “Let’s try this first, if you’re not happy, we’ll put it up in a side bun.” And guess what, she loved this hair style because it really enhanced her face & features. The only thing we would do differently is that we’ll add extensions to this hairstyle, and she’ll have more volume for the waves.

So here are a few shots from our trial. I totally enjoyed dolling Tramy up. She’s going to be a gorgeous bride!


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