Makeover: sweet and glamorous look for Carolyn

Carolyn needed my help with hair & makeup for her SF Asian Art Museum Opening Night Gala last month as she was one of the event organizers and a model herself for the night. We exchanged some ideas prior  (mostly just about the dress because she said she would leave the makeup style to me) & on the day of, she came to my studio with her dress to show me the color & style of the dress, and we quickly got to work.

So I took some “before” shots to understand how she photographed and I realized that as cute as she was in person, in pictures it’s a different story. She’s still cute, don’t get me wrong, but she photographed a little more matured and her double-lid eyes just disappeared and looked mono-lid in pictures. Many of us Asians have this problem. And besides that, sometimes in photos, the cuteness that I see in some clients don’t get transferred well through the lens. So besides making sure my client looks great with makeup in person, I also try my best to bring their cuteness, uniqueness or youthful energy into the photos. It’s the hardest part!  Here’s our before/after shot:

Considering that she has full brows, I told her quickly of what I would do: light & simple with eye shadow colors, but more glam on the lashes and a nice pop of colors for blush & lipstick, all for photography because I know she’ll be photographed mostly whole body for the night. If I use light colors, it may not show up in pictures. Most importantly, I highlight the area under her eyes for a youthful glow … and make sure her lipstick is water-proofed. She told me later that her lipstick lasted all night, all she did was just some clear lipgloss over to keep it fresh and that was it.

We had a lot of fun putting this look together for her. She was so easy going and so much fun to work with. Thanks Carolyn!

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