Makeover: a glamorous finish for Melissa

Melissa showed up with a huge smile, wearing sporty sweatpants and hoodies, completely bare face – no makeup, but I can tell right away she has such attractive bone structure! There’s something about that cheekbones and the smile. This makeover was for her post-wedding photoshoot. She was married 3 years ago in New Jersey. But, looking back, she felt like that day was very rushing and she didn’t have all the photos she would love to have for the two of them, so before having kids, Melissa wanted to redo her wedding photoshoot – which was really clever I think.

We chatted and she showed me her wedding photos & I could see she wore strong makeup then as well.¬†She assured me that I could go smoky and glamorous for her. Again, Melissa was one of my many clients who would leave the makeup style up to me. She said, “I trust that you can just look at my features and do what you think is best!”

I started with airbrush and was careful on making the skin looking as smooth & flawless as possible. Melissa has really nice skin naturally. I just needed to give her good contouring to enhance her bone structure. For brows, I told her I would make her brows a bit more even without severely changing them. I could make them completely even, but that would mean I will have to shave some part of one side of the brows completely and making up the missing part with some drawing in using makeup. And then she would suffer with very weird brows after she takes off my makeup for the session. So, I would rather not do that! I like to enhance & glam up my clients to the level that they’re comfortable with, while still keeping it real.

The main attraction of the look was the smoky eyes! I think Melissa rocked this smoky eyes look. It gave her eyes great depth and paired up well with her attractive bone structure (*wink*).

Melissa was super happy with the look and sent me a thank-you email soon after. Love this girl! I can’t wait to see her photos with the talented duo Wayne & Angela

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