Sultry eyes & elegant side updo for Kristen

This wedding is one of the no-trial weddings. Kristen had to skip the trial because she is an OB-Gyn grad doing her 3rd year residency in New York, extremely busy, so she said she wouldn’t be in the Bay Area before the day of her wedding. I said it’s ok to skip the trial, but I need visual clues in place of it, the more specific the better. Kristen was so nice and helpful. She gave me all the photos that I asked for, even her bridal party and what kind of styles they were looking for.  She herself said she liked an updo I did for another bride here, but smaller bun.

Below are all photos she sent me for reference: herself without makeup, with makeup, in her wedding dress, another hair idea, and a flower for her hair that she already bought.

Kristen only decided about her makeup style on the day of, that’s how easy-going she was. But, she was already so pretty to begin with, so what can go wrong with her makeup.  She was smiling a lot and so relaxed. When it got to her turn, I asked her for the makeup reference again, and she said casually, “I think … smoky”  I asked her if she wants any specific color and she said whatever you think is best. I asked her what about purple. She said yes with a big smile. So I did what I think would be best for her.

I actually didn’t really do a smoky eyes for her because I felt that it might overshadow her deep beautiful set of eyes. I knew that what she need would be good lashes and the right colors to help her eyes pop. So I did a simple wash of lavender and purple on her lids, thin liners and double the lashes. I wanted to make her look stunning but sweet and approachable as the way I felt from her. Her beauty isn’t one that makes you feel intimidated, but more like making you admired and you just want to get to know her better.

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