Makeover: a natural glam for Katherine

Katherine is not only extremely photogenic and beautiful, she’s also born lucky because aging doesn’t really seem to apply to her … Well, at least not at the speed that most of us experience… People say that Asians tend to age a little better and a lot of time, my Asian clients do show up looking younger than their age but still in my “expected range”… However, with Katherine here, I was completely blown away.

When Katherine arrived that morning, I told her she looks so young (thinking she’s a bride-to-be who has a such baby face) … And then she came back with: “No, Aimee, we’re doing our 15-year renewal vow wedding …” I completely stopped what I was doing, and looked at her & I was thinking “What, 15yrs, so … ┬áNo way!” And before I was done with that thought, Kathy added, “And I have 3 kids already, my oldest is 14 and the youngest is 6,” smiled Katherine. Wow! Can you believe that? I think she looks 21.

Katherine said she had a church wedding back then in the Philippines, but they had it very simple, so she and her husband (who looks 10 yrs younger than his age too) had been saving up for a real wedding, or we can call it a re-vow. So, finally, this was it, a beautiful and more than perfect fifteen years renewal vow! Her oldest daughter is her maid of honor, isn’t that amazing?

And below are some photos I took with my iphone on her actual day. With my suggestion, Kathy had purchased an 18″ hair extension box for me to curl and added in for her, which helps making this hair style looks much fuller and nicer than the trial.

And some beautiful preview images from her photographer Brian MacStay

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