Jennifer & J Wedding – St. Regis San Francisco

I love working with people and I remember faces really well. Faces fascinate me, especially the eyes and the smile. You can’t have a bad photo when you put on your brightest smile. And Jennifer not only has a bright smile, but it’s also very sweet and unique that you can’t help but smile back at her. And her wedding was just as beautiful.

Jen & I met about 5 weeks before her wedding day to try out the look after she already saved the date a few months before. At our trial, I asked Jen what would be her desired style for hair & makeup… She said, “I don’t normally wear makeup so I don’t want to look too made-up” and here’s the challenge part, “but I want to look glam & beautiful for my wedding day, but still me” (smile) …

I knew that smoky eyes will suit her eye shape best but in browns & neutral tones, not black, because anything too strong will overshadow her delicate features & that sweet smile. So, I started off with a more natural approach, then slowly add on colors for the eyes until we got to intensity that she was happy & comfortable with. Again, note that in photos, your makeup will show up a lot less than in person. So, it’s really a fine line there.

On Jen’s wedding day, I did her eye makeup a little stronger (than trial version) for 2 reasons:  (1) it has to last much longer and withstand a lot of activities throughout the wedding day, and (2) I’ve worked with Wayne and Angela a few times before so I’m familiar with their style and post processing style in a way. Jen did noticed & asked me about it. She was a bit nervous. But I reassured her that it was meant to be and once she puts her dress on, she would realize it would be just right & not too much. If I had done it any lighter, her wedding photos won’t turn out as nice.

Here are her beautiful pictures, photographed by the amazing husband-wife team photographers, Wayne & Angela

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