Jen and Lamar wedding – Hotel Nikko, San Francisco

Jen was another great bride to work with and I admired everything that she had chosen. She got the perfect dress, beautiful silk flower for her hair, and a pair of gorgeous earrings that helped tie the whole look together. Great choices!

Her dress was just so breathtakingly gorgeous, an understated glamour, truly. These photos may not do it justice. The moment I saw her dress that morning, I thought ” It’s so beautiful and it’s just so Jen- so perfect.” ¬†It wasn’t only flattering her shape but also reflecting her natural beauty and¬†elegant essence.

I took pride in making her skin look dewy and flawless, suitable for a September wedding. At first glance, Jen’s skin may seem nice, but it was actually quite dry to the touch plus a bit puffy since she had to wake up at 5am. Dry skin could fool a makeup artist because it’d usually appear really nice & ready to work on by the look, no large pores or break-out problem. But if you weren’t careful, using the wrong kind of products to prep or even just a tad over done with foundation & powder, you’d end up with cakey-ness and lines later. So, that morning I patiently buffed the hydrating moisturizer in, waited a little, then carefully airbrushing her foundation on top. The rest of the makeup was meant to be a light smoky eyes with double-lashes and a soft glossy pink lip color, and voila…

Overall, the glam factor was in her eye makeup & her updo, and the rest was kept simple and effortless … Beautiful, unique, understated! It was a great experience working with Jen.

All photos by Jay Tsai Photography

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