Featured Trial: A blushing fresh look for Sharon

I love working with Sharon! Her personality is just as kind and sweet as her smile. And I couldn’t resist admiring her baby-soft beautiful skin. Right when I saw her at the door smiling and saying “hello”, I instantly knew it would be great to work with this beautiful bride. And honestly, she’s more beautiful in person … these photos don’t do her beauty justice…

Most of the time, I know that it’s not very helpful when I ask for makeup ideas prior to trial day because realistically how can my client find photo of someone with the same facial features as herself wearing a makeup look that she loves. And it’s also very easy  for us women to get carried away with celebrities or famous singers/actresses’ makeup looks and those photos we admired were actually taken in a studio environment where the makeup doesn’t have to last all day and hours are spent in post-processing to make them look perfect. Knowing that, however I’d still ask for makeup ideas from my brides just so it would give me a general feeling about her and what she’s drawn to. But, I can easily (or easier) do without!

Below is what Sharon sent me as far as makeup & hair ideas is concerned. And she also gave me a picture of herself without makeup on.

When I saw her in person and after discussing about makeup with her, I knew the makeup look has to be softer than the photos she sent, especially not the very first photo (too dramatic). My goal, as discussed with her, was to bring out her given natural beauty, enhancing and high-lighting at the right places without altering her look. It was quite a “challenge” in a different sense for me  :)  because with Sharon’s delicate and beautiful features at hand, I knew I had to be gentle & careful with the use of colors and each brush stroke. I spent time making sure her skin is well prepped, simple with the brows, and I kept the eye makeup semi-natural, but gave her cheeks a little extra pop. That porcelain beautiful skin deserves attention and admiration! A natural rosy cheeks complete the look perfectly.

As for her hair, I gave her an updo style that was very much like how she wanted it. I normally would gear towards a more loose or softer style, but because I saw her wedding gown, I agree that a more moderately classic and structure updo like this would work best. However, I suggested Sharon to have her hair cut &  layered nicely, a few inches off will be perfect for the updo. A lot of time brides think they need to grow their hair out as long as possible for wedding day updos, but in reality, you only need your hair to be about  3-4 inches past shoulder line. If your hair is too long and thick, the updo will end up looking heavy and also takes longer to work on.

Anyhow, we got the look just the way she wanted it. Sharon was very happy  and I can’t wait to work with her again for her wedding this September!

Here are some more pretty photos from our session:


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