Elegant and timeless look for Karen

I love Karen! Besides booking me so early & extremely enthusiastic about having me, she was also very very helpful by sending me all visual clues in a PDF file before trial. I was amazed…  Here’s what she sent me (I skipped a few pages):

What else can a makeup artist ask for? I can go back to her PDF file at any time and there it is… everything I need to know about her plus her bridal party.

So, let’s go the trial. Here’s a great example of how I conduct a trial. I listen to the client’s likes and dislikes and from there trying to make her look her most beautiful while incorporating her ideas into the final look. I don’t do cookie-cutter makeup, so I see each bride as a unique individual. I won’t turn her down on her visions, but I will tell her my professional inputs.

So, based on Karen’s visions and wants, I gave her the makeup and hair that is closest to her idea and still within her comfort zone (though I already pushing her comfort zone because she rarely ever wears makeup). The deeper lip color was also for her liking, because she said she’s not a “pink lipstick” girl, she’s more of a mauve/berry. For the hair, Karen was hoping for piece-y, woven strands in front, but because her hair texture was really really fine, a bit limpy and wavy, I did the best I could… so here’s what we came up with:

She was happy with the look, no question asked, but I wasn’t, to be honest. After every trial, I think of how to improve it, unless I felt the look was perfect. So I wanted to make her look better, both in person & in photos. I realized the curls in the front (to frame her face) look really pretty on her in person, but in picture, it makes her face appear rounder.  Plus, with her fine hair, if up loosely like that, I’m afraid the curls will be gone quickly or messy after a while.

So … let’s fast forward to the wedding day:) I came to her house at 4am in the morning, with A CHANGE OF PLAN for her best interest. Karen was a doll in my hands. I told her my thoughts of certain necessary changes, and she said, “Yeah, I trust you Aimee!”


1. Side-swept bang to frame her face better & workable with her crystal headband

2. Lower undo (better for a bare back in wedding dress) with well-pinned loop curls – to last entire night.

3. A more brownish pink lipstick instead of berry/mauve. I wanted her eyes to stand out, not her lips.

And, here are her wedding photos (courtesy from photographer Mark Kuroda)

I’m totally happy with the alteration. This look suits her personality as well as her dress much better.

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