Bridal Makeover for Jaime

Jaime, a former model, wanted to retake her wedding photos since she didn’t get to have much bridal portrait on her real day. Another reason was she wasn’t too in love with her wedding day makeup. Before she got married, in 2011, she tried to get a hold of me but I wasn’t in town for a long time. I was working oversea. So, being as a low-key girl as she is, she just decided that she would get her makeup done at the mall on the day of. She called & booked a time, but she didn’t get to choose an artist nor even thinking about it. So, on the day of her wedding, when the counter makeup artist asked if she’d want “smoky eyes”, she just nodded thinking “that’s what I normally do anyway”…  Anyhow, it turned out way darker than she pictured and the dark shadows came up so high above her lids. She looked more like she was ready for a dramatic photoshoot than for her wedding day. After the ceremony, her husband pulled her aside and said “Wow, you have A LOT of makeup on…”

Therefore,  this wedding day reshoot was something she’s so look forward to.  I knew that though she loves smoky eyes, her eyes can’t bear heavy black eyes shadows.  I still did smoky but not bringing up high, and I added a little bit of green for a different smoky look, which I think would contrast well with her hair color and her pale skin.  Then I gave her a full pair of lashes to finish the eye makeup. For the skin, she has nice skin but it was dry, so I just concentrated on skin prep and then airbrushed her skin to make it more even but still let some of her freckles show. Airbrush can hide most flaws, but I only do full coverage for dark spots and blemishes, not for freckles. I like to do a sheer or semi-sheer layer so they still show, unless the client request otherwise.  The rest of the makeup was kept simple, I contoured her cheeks and used Nars Orgasm on her, added light pink lipstick and a pearly gloss on top.

These photos were taken by the talented Dominic Wong. He took Jaime to San Jose State Library and then a few areas close by, including the parking garage on 4th street and a bar right across the library:)It was a lot of fun.

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