Bridal Hair Pieces and Jewelries Shoot

Earlier this month, I get to meet an amazing bridal hair accessories and jewelries designer, Bonnie. I’m so surprised that for all these time working in the field, I never got to know about Bonnie’s shop and what she has to offer. She offers trial run for the brides at her shop in Campbel. The brides can try not only jewelries, hair accessories but also veil, but can also ask her to customize (adding, subtracting parts of a design) all pieces. Isn’t that amazing? Now I know where to send my brides to after the trial run with me.

So that morning, I drove to Campel to meet Bonnie at her shop for the first time. We got along so easily and we had so much fun talking about ideas & choosing pieces for the shoot. I was so impressed with her collection and her wonderful personality.  Fast forward … On the shooting day, we encountered unexpected time crunch. We must finish our shoot in 15m due to an unforeseen situation. I felt so bad for Dominic, our photographer. He had about 5m to set up the background  and lighting, then shot as quickly as he could. There was really NO time for Dominic to talk to the model about the poses or giving her any direction as we go. It was just click click click – change the hair piece/jewelries in seconds, then click click click … Also, we didn’t even get through 1/4th of all the beautiful pieces that Bonnie lent me. What a shame.

Anyhow, still, we were able to come up with these images below, thanks to Dominic!  If it weren’t for you being able to handle the stress and shoot in such a constrained time frame, this would never have been possible. You saved the day!


Photo by Dominic Wong:

All accessories by Bonnie from One World Designs (408) 871-7064

Browse through her pieces on Etsy store

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