Another letter that melt my heart …

How can I not love what I do?!

Jennifer K. gave me an unforgettable experience working with her that morning of her wedding. It was one of the best working days of my career. She just so real, so sweet and caring, trusting and above all, a very happy bride! She was a dream to work with! And we’ve never met for a trial. We communicated via email only since she was from New York.


Hi Aimee,
Although I don’t have Yelp, I nonetheless wanted to thank you so very much for all that you’ve done for me and my bridal party.  Please feel free to post the below message as well as the attached picture on your website…
Aimee, I cannot thank you enough for making me and my entire bridal party look so stunning.  Everyone kept commenting on how great we all looked, but the best part was that we all still looked like ourselves.  As my matron of honor put it, I still looked like me, but a more flawless and elegant me.  It takes a great talent (one that you unquestionably have) to be able to highlight the person with makeup and not have them disappear underneath layers of it. 
I also wanted to express my immense thanks and gratitude to you for being so incredibly patient with my mom and catering to her comments.  I have never seen my mom look so beautiful and she was just so happy the entire night.  I’ve enclosed a picture of us from the photobooth at the wedding.  Mom looks about 45 there even though she is 65.  Your talents are truly amazing and we were all so lucky to have had you as our makeup artist.
Kind regards,
Here’s a few of my iPhone shots… totally unflattering due to bad lighting and such, but I hope these show you how happy Jennifer & her mom looked:)
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