Meet Aimee

Born with a keen eye for beauty, Aimee was naturally drawn to faces and the art of makeup at a very young age. In art school, her favorite drawing subject was faces, same for photography classes. As an artist, Aimee holds a high standard for her work and her growth continuously. Perfection is not what she’s striving for, but rather balance. Balance is the key for harmony. She is the master artist and team leader for Aimee & Team.  The artists and stylists in her team are all formally trained by her and have been working with her for numerous weddings. Her formal background in design studies & photography has also served as a great complement to her skill as a makeup and hair artist. She finds the art of makeup is similar to painting/drawing and the art of hair design is similar to sculpturing. So yes, you, future clients, are her canvases!

{Photo by Tyler Vu}